The Endurance Series provides media and tracking coverage for other distance races in the Florida Area; these races and activities are totally managed by the hosting sailing club. The Endurance Series includes medium and long distance events and provide series awards for those; the Endurance Series is focused around a select group of long-distance races on the catamaran sailing calendar. Future plans include expanding the Endurance Series to include more challenging races. Opportunities also exist to expand series geographic coverage for national exposure. 

1. series events
The endurance series will consist of four to six distance events that are to be determined shortly.

2. scoring
Each day of each event will be scored separately. If a team completes all days of each race, the lowest two scores will be dropped. Ties will be decided upon by the standard US Sailing method. 

3. team scoring
The distance series will be scored by team. Anyone may form a team. The team boat may change from race to race as long as it is under 22 feet and conforms to event rules. The team sailors may change from race to race. Team names will be taken at event registration. Entry into event automatically enters team into the series.

4. points
Points will be awarded for each day of each event, points for first place will be 20 points. Scoring will be based on overall Portsmouth results. Points will be awarded in reverse order based on the number of qualified starters. A score of 0 will be recorded for any series event day not sailed. A score of 1 will be recorded for any series event day started but not finished.

i.e. 15 boats: 1st = 20 pts, 2nd = 19 pts, …. 15th = 5 point