There is less than one week till Hiram's Haul and more fun activities are available for the participants. With 15 boats now pre-registered, stuff the event is turning into an event not to be missed. There will be live tracking and both starts and finishes will be streamed live via YouTube Live.

Mark Herendeen is organizing a practice run from a private community park in Melbourne Beach (ironically only 1000 feet from his house), look for a warmup fun run north to MIA-POW Park on Friday. The run is a little over 20 miles. Any teams wishing to join in must have boats rigged by 1:00 and ready to go. Kattack tracking will be available for this pre-race event so you can test the system and your smart phone. Please have your smart phone charged with the Kattack app downloaded.

On Friday evening Mark and Lisa Herendeen will also be hosting a social event at their house starting  at 6:30 pm. The event is sponsored by Real Estate INK Sailors are welcome to a spaghetti/meatball dinner social. There is one catch…you HAVE to let them know you are coming and how many guests you are bringing. The event is BYOB. This social is intended to allow time to get know everyone, plan for next year's Hiram's Haul and discuss Space Coast plans for another distance race from Downtown Melbourne’s Riverview Park and other regattas out of the park.

The Friday evening social is also a great time to ask other experienced sailors about the race, course, conditions and sailing in general. There may be a chalk-talk/white board discussion Friday evening at the house.

80% of Hiram’s Haul takes place in the City of Melbourne’s portion of the Indian River Lagoon passing right by Downtown Melbourne. The last causeway going south the fleet passes under leads into the Downtown area.  The 15 acres and 400 feet of waterfront that is Riverview Park sits just about 800 feet from the ICW that Hiram’s Haul follows.

NOTE: Ground crew is not necessary for the Hiram’s Haul but the 1st day (Saturday) finish ends at Founders Park has a huge parking lot allows for lots of trailers, so ground crews have ample space to park trailers if you want, very close to the boats.   There is going to be at least 1 trailer rig and a pickup truck available to carry your dolly wheels, gear and bags.

Information on the social will be available at MIA-POW Park on Friday afternoon or contact Craig Van Eaton (561.371.2663) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on the fun run contact Mark Herendeen directly or Craig Van Eaton. 

Sail Series Promotions wants to give a special thanks to Mark and Lisa Herendeen and Real Estate INK for sponsoring and organizing the fun run and party. These types of extra activities help make the race weekend special for the sailors and race committee.

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