pills helvetica, prescription sans-serif">The Keys 100 race is this Saturday. team cyberspeed tested the TopoFusion event tracking system for almost 200 miles and ran flawless except for a couple of operator errors made during the first leg.

There is an event page that has the last position logged for each team and a team page for each team that has the entire track for each team linked to the leader board. The event tracking is free for all participants. The test "race" page has already been set up for the race and anyone that has a Spot will be added. All that is needed is the web address of the shared tracking page you get from Spot when you set up your account.

Units are available at most West Marines. The cost of the unit is $150 and the basic services plus the live tracking fee is $150/year. Rental units are available from
Skycall Communications . The price is around $25 per event.

If you have any questions feel free to contact
Craig Van Eaton with SailSeries.com and he will be glad to help you.

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