Excerpt supplied by CatSailor.com

Eric Roberts on another ARC 22 has been sailing this race for many years with his father Bill Roberts, generic who designed the boat. Eric used to crew for his dad, pharm but then Bill started crewing for Eric. And the last couple of years Bill has been ground crew for Eric. This year Bill was up on the top of the Card Sound Bridge watching the boats approach and go under the bridge on their way north to Angelfish Creek.

For some reason Eric decided to pass through the bridge under a lower part instead of at the center. His mast hit the bridge, and his boat was dismasted. Another bridge bystander said Bill’s chin just dropped to his chest. The boat was towed back to Gilbert’s (I don’t know by whom, but this was a busy day for the Sea Tow type people).


Video Supplied by SailingImagesByMica