Excerpt below from CatSailor.com

Right at the start on Saturday, there was a collision between two boats. Team Wave's ARC 22 was coming in from the right and didn’t have room, so they tried to bear off but didn’t quite make it. His bows dove, and his spinnaker pole (like a jousting lance) put a substantial hole in the outside starboard hull of Team Adrenaline's Nacra 20. They were hooked together for several seconds, spinning the Nacra around toward the start boat . Fortunately the start boat wasn’t anchored, and backed off quickly, avoiding a secondary collision.

The Team Adrenaline retired for the day and sailed back to Gilbert’s. Team Adrenaline was sailing a boatchartered from Team Royal, and drove to Fort Lauderdale to pick up another boat to race the Sunday leg. True dedication. And the ARC 22 continued on and able to use their spinnaker pole.