Despite the potential for a tropical storm watch, check Hiram's Haul still slated to be run as scheduled. Wednesday's 5pm forecast predicts Hurricane Sandy to pass well to the East of Melbourne on Friday night and further North East on Saturday.

The entire race is in the protected waters of the Indian River. Hiram's Haul has a two day format consisting of two 30 mile legs which allows plenty of room to make adjustments. The first leg on Saturday can be pushed back till later in the day or even skipped entirely.

Hiram's Haul is sponsored by Performance Sail and Sport. When Scott Hubel owner of Performance Sail was asked if the race will be postponed, he responded:

"Not at this time, Will Sandy be a Hurricane or just a tropical storm?

We are sailing anyway. Saturday conditions are predicted to be NNW winds at high 20's gusting to 30's diminishing as the day progresses. This should make for a flat water, record breaking run to Hiram's. Sunday will be N to NE at a steady high teens to mid 20's, a good workout home.

The A-Cats finished with a 5 race series so we will have our favorite judge (Warren Green) running the regatta in the professional manner in which we have become accustomed to.

The worst case scenario is driving to Sebastian Sat. and setting-up there and racing back. But it will have to be sustained 30’s and we will postpone by the hours first to let the storm move away."

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