Those that attended the last Hiram's Haul know that Performance Sail & Sport moved North to Cocoa Beach. They decided not to run the event this year because it didn't really make sense anymore.

Scott offered to provide all of his contacts if someone wanted to step up and take over the event this year. I have been back and fourth with Warren about trying to put something together but insurance is a big hurtle that neither of us can take on right now. Insurance is also the main reason for not having the Islander Reef Run (Formerly Hogsbreath 100).

Scott and Dior have built a great event over the years and continue to promote sailing through their neighborhood wave series and continued support of community and youth sailing. Stop by their new shop if you are in the Cocoa Beach area.

The next and final Endurance Series race is the Steeplechase on December 13-15, unhealthy 2013.