3.2 General Waypoints

Islamorada: 24°55.125'N; 80°37.77'W
Key Biscayne: 25°41.735'N; 80°9.39'W
Palm Beach Shores: 26°46.736'N; 80°1.881'W
Vero Beach: 27°38.026'N; 80°21.045'W
Cocoa Beach: 28°22.124'N; 80°36.112'W
Note: These waypoints are for general reference only. The actual finish line will be determined when the race committee surveys the finishing area on the day of the race.

8. Required Safety Equipment
8.1 For Each crew member, attached to person
a. US Coast Guard (USCG) approved PFD personal PFD, worn at all times while racing.  All life preservers will be in reasonably new & undamaged condition.

Note: The RC will recognize the country certification of a pfd used by a sailor in a boat of his own competing country. Foreign sailors using US registered vessels must wear USCG approved pfd’s.  This is IAW USCG Regulations.  Modification of a pfd voids the certification either country.

b. One small Enclosed or folded knife
c. Whistle
d. Waterproof flashlight
e. Personal Safety strobe light
f. One 406 MHz EPIRB. One SPOT Satellite Messenger can be used instead of the EPIRB by one of the sailors but not both. If a SPOT is used it must be in tracking mode, capable of notifying rescue services, your team leader and the RC at 561.371.2663. SPOTs must be demonstrated at inspections and show a positive test.  (Optional per individual in Dogfight)  *(See Asterisk item below)

Note: 121 & 243MHz EPIRBS are no longer acceptable. Proof of NOAA Registration of 406 MHz EPIRBs must be provided to the race equipment inspector. Each Sailor shall have available to him liquids to sustain himself for the duration of the days sail.

8.2  For Each Boat, secured to boat:
a. Waterproof VHF Radio, (Strongly Recommended for Dogfight, but optional)
b. One Water protected cell phone
c. Marine Grade Compass, attached to boat or a secured handheld for Dogfight.
d. Three Current day/night flares (At least one should be night rated.)
e. Safety line, at least 20’ in length, to be used for towing
f. One throw-able PFD
g. SPOT Satellite Trackers are highly encouraged if not carried by one of the sailors. The SPOT Tracker must be in tracking mode, attached to be visible for satellites, per boat. We will be using tracking system for live SPOT tracking. It will be available via  website with daily replays. We will also have a monitor at the finishing locations each day showing the live tracking for race committee, team members & spectators. *(See Asterisk item below)

* SPOT Tracking is required to be coordinated with Craig Van Eaton (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; phone: 561.371.2663).  We will have SPOT’s available to rent at $40 for the trip which must be arranged in advance by contacting Craig Van Eaton.

The updated Sailing Instruction can be found at Anyone that has suggestions or issues with the SI's are welcome to email BOTH Warren (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)and myself (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We plan on posting a "final version" on May 1st.

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