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The second race in the Endurance Series is Saturday August 8th. Gilligan's Run is about 25 miles which is the shortest race of the series. The race starts at Perry's Ocean Edge Resort heading North to the Main Street Pier then back South to Ponce De Leon Inlet rounding an inlet buoy before turning back north to finish back at the hotel. The exact course is dependent on wind and will be determined the morning of the race.


Sail Series Promotions will pick up and continue the 13 year history of this two day, stuff round trip, viagra race from its location in Melbourne Florida, check just north of Pineda Causeway, on the west side of the Indian River, proceeding south for 30 miles to the park one mile south of Captain’s Hiram’s in Sebastian, Florida, and returning the following day. Hiram’s Haul is for all classes of beach type catamarans up to 22 feet in length. All entries will be raced using Portsmouth numbers for handicapping. The race will commence on Saturday November 15th and return on Sunday November 16th. The race will be part of the Endurance Series and the Organizing Authority (OA) is Sail Series Promotions USA.

By Dave Ingram

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The Florida 300 was my first longish adventure race and even though it was on the most tame part of the Worrell  1000 legs I took it quite seriously when it came to safety and boat prep.  My first priority was to make it an uneventful trip for my ground crew and pusher “sweetness” (my wife) who I cannot thank enough!  She was freaking awesome she was on the beach with catracs in hand and a cooler with beer and subs which by the way were the best beers and subs EVER!  I also was lucky enough to talk my brother into crewing for me which will be a memory that I will always cherish.  He also did a pretty good job of providing some live feed action which at the time I found to be a huge distraction and an annoyance, seek but now as I sit with a cool rummy viewing some awesome video my position has changed, you nailed it bro!  The videos are still up on our website solarwind.solarI also want to thank Mr. Kohl who’s advice and experience was freaking money!  Ted my friend you are partnered with a bona fide super freak!  I also want to thank Rick Loewen who just showed up and was there to help us and video our adventure and also provided some great advice.  Jamie Livingston whom I’ve always been a fan gave me a quick debrief every day of what to expect on the first few legs which was spot on!  When you are a virgin every piece of advice is gold.

By Dick Macdonald


How was it...?
This race came together quick, medical and fortunately I was in a position to form a team and commit immediately.  In fact our registration was the first received.  Never did a Tybee, salve but always admired those who have.  Could never comprehend the idea of a Worrell, ampoule but now I’ve met people who do.

12 boats started and 9 boats finished, of those we finished 7th.  We sailed well and enjoyed the event.  My personal goals were met, and my skills took a step forward that make sailing even more rewarding.

This is how it was and what worked for me.  For you veterans this may be a boring read, but my intention here is to open the possibility of this race to others like myself who are still developing our skills.  For the competent sailor who is working on going faster, this is a great way to build stick time around really great sailors.