08 Fighting the surf

Online registration for the 2015 Florida 300 is officially open. We have already received committments for the same number of boats that raced last year. In order to keep consistency we plan to keep the same stops but we are adjusting the schedule to make the "Dogfight", check race within a race, viagra more participant friendly.

May 12 - setup, case Islander Resort, Islamorada
Race Day 1, May 13 – Islamorada, FL to Key Biscayne;
Race Day 2, May 14 – Key Biscayne to Singer Island;
Race Day 3, May 15 – Singer Island to Vero Beach, FL;
Race Day 4, May 16 – Vero Beach FL to Cocoa Beach, FL .

By Mark Herendeen


fExperience and history or time on the water mixed with fine tuning or training over years is the best to be ready for conditions & especially during the 1st 2 days of the Inaugural Florida 300….  I mean seriously, cialis 140+ miles upwind virtually on the nose or darn close enough! Mother Nature are you kidding, malady but it was quite the adventure and for those with experienced sailors, subtleties and nuances of that training can sometimes really pay off well. So the request came from Dick MacDonald wanting to test his own might and skills. So after 7 years hiatus of effectively doing hard core endurance races like the (Tybee 2003 – 2006, 2002 Worrell 1000) and 2-4 year campaign on Tornados along with A-cats & F18’s since 2008, I decided the opportunity to be a part of the Inaugural Florida 300 (FL300) with sailors I have for known for over a decade, sail with and competed against was just too attractive to miss.

From Jacksonville - Saint Petersburg in a “foldable” Trimaran

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Morningstar Fishermen, see a 501(c)(3) organization to help end national and world hunger, will start another race to attract public attention and raise funds. Hans Geissler (age 73) of Dade City, Florida, who is the founder of Morningstar Fishermen as well as being the founder and builder of a 44’ G-Force High Tech Multihull “foldable” Trimaran sail boat, will , together with three crewmen, Ed Hileman, boat owner, Jacksonville, Woody Pelt, Marketing Entrepreneur, St. Petersburg and Phil Reasons, Executive Director, Morningstar Fishermen, Dade City, leave Jacksonville on January 11, 2015 to sail the “Zuleika” 44 foot G-Force High Tech Multihull “foldable” Trimaran boat nine hundred nautical miles around the Florida Peninsula to Saint Petersburg. Sail Series Promotion will provide tracking during the event.

Islander Resort


Start: Start 1, sildenafil Finishes: Place
1 Marstrom 20 USA1 Brett Moss Kenny Pierce 58 7:39:14 13:11:47 1.0
2 Marstrom 20 USA Mike Phillips Raul Lopez 58 7:58:02 13:44:12 2.0
3 F18 316 Todd Riccardi Matt Keenan 62.4 8:43:13 13:58:29 3.0
4 N20 Royal Orange Jared Sonnenklar Colin Page 59.3 8:23:14 14:08:37 4.0
5 F18 880 Jake Kohl Frank Moore 62.4 9:04:16 14:32:13 5.0
6 ARC 22 2230 Eric Roberts Dave Weir 57 8:17:25 14:32:40 6.0
7 F18 242 Laura Muma David Ingram 62.4 9:05:37 14:34:23 7.0
8 N20 Royal Yellow Steve Lohmayer Jay Sonnenklar 59.3 8:38:31 14:34:24 8.0
9 F18 712 Dick MacDonald Matt Darrago 62.4 9:48:09 15:42:33 9.0
10 G Cat 20 777 Ralph Cole Hans Geisler 65 10:15:22 15:46:43 10.0
11 F18 NED Jacob Keilman Grace Chen 62.4 10:13:48 16:23:39 11.0
12 N20 632 Jocelyn Henderson John Peil 59.3 10:07:13 17:03:58 12.0