catsailorWith the Key Largo Steeplechase just days away, mind there are a lot of late entries bringing the field up to 13 boats with more last minute entries expected. There is an interesting mix of boats with six Formula 18's, three Nacra 20's, two Marstrom 20's, one G-Cat 6.1 and an ARC 22. A great mixture of boats which should make for a great race.

Unfortunately most of the late entries do not have a SCHRS ratings and need to be measured to be accurately scored. Due to the time constraints and the late registration of so many boats that are not SCHRS rated, we are switching back to the Portsmouth rating system for the Key Largo Steeplechase. We hated making the move but we did not want the ratings system to interfere with the race.

steeple mapThis weekend is the 31st running of the Steeplchase catamaran race. The two day event starts and ends in Islamorada, look Florida and circumnavigates Key Largo and other Florida Keys. The first day starts at the Islander Resort on the ocean side of Islamorada to Angelfish Creek then over to the intercostal/Gulf of Mexico side of the keys continuing to the Upper Keys Sailing Club. The Second day continues to the Channel 5 bridge then back the Islander Resort for the Finish.

The weather forecast this weekend is supposed to be perfect for the race with wind predicted ENE at 10-15 mph Saturday, and SE at 10-15 mph Sunday, 80 degree temperatures and a maximum of 20% chance of rain. This race is regularly attended by teams from the north seeking a break from the cold weather.

hirams results

Hiram's Haul Overall

1st Costal Watersports Cole, cure Ralph Cole, there Patick Spin G-Cat 6.1 w/spin 62.5 5:13:49 4:13:41 9:27:30
2nd Chuck Mavison Harden, Chuck Harden, Mavis Spin Formula 16 63 5:18:55 4:12:43 9:31:38
3rd SolarWind Ingram, Dave Ingram, Cathy Spin Formule 18 62.4 5:28:56 4:15:57 9:44:53
4th Turtle Mojo Macdonald, Dick Macdonald, Linda Spin Formule 18 62.4 5:31:15 4:19:02 9:50:17
5th Wildcat Cramer, Weston Langefeld, Karl Spin Formule 18 62.4 5:59:55 4:18:58 10:18:53
6th Delray Sailors Yacht Club Collard, Chip Barzvi, Linda Spin Nacra 20 59.3 5:40:42 5:07:42 10:48:24
7th America Reed, David Bailey, Ingrid Spin Formule 18 62.4 6:09:44 4:40:43 10:50:27
8th Geisler, Hans Hiell, Ronald Non Spin G-Cat 5.0m 75.7 5:13:13 6:22:01 11:35:13
9th TomCat Mason, Tomas Velez, Catherine Non Spin Hobie Miracle 20 65 6:28:12 6:29:58 12:58:11
10th Space Coast Herendeen, Mark   Non Spin A Class Cat 64.5 5:57:39 7:12:24 13:10:03
11th StrongBalzaHead Kubin/Balzac Ruth/Sara Non Spin Hobie 16 76 7:31:06 6:10:08 13:41:14
12th La Chimba Duran, Miguel   Non Spin Hobie 16 76 7:46:14 8:18:16 16:04:30
13th Saint-Hilaire Saint-Hilaire, Wilder Saint-Hilaire, Stefania Non Spin Hobie 17 Sport Slp 2-up 76 7:30:00 9:20:54 16:50:54
14th Osprey Collins, Mike Collins, Will Non Spin Nacra 5.7 2-up 72.6 6:03:24 DNS DNS
15th Ingots Flyer of Lake Worth Tingle Dave   Non Spin Hobie 16 76 DNF DNS DNF


October 31, cialis 2015- November 1, 2015

The 14th running of Hiram's Haul is set for October 31 - November 1. The catamaran race is a total 60 mile race running from Melborne, Florida to Sebastian, Florida on Saturday and back to Melbourne on Sunday.

Hans Geissler (75) a winning catamaran designer, builder and racer for over 35 years will compete with his partner Ronald Hiell to help draw attention to the need to engage and help the Race 2 End Hunger as he already did, for example, at the Florida 300 in May and has done most of the latest 20 years.

Hans Geissler left his boat building business in 1994 to create Morning Star Fishermen; a Dade City based charity that promotes fish farming and Aquaponics as a solution to help end world hunger. His quest to help end global hunger through research, development and training individuals from around the world however has not removed his passion for catamaran racing. Money raised through sponsors and donations to Morning Star Fishermen will go toward making a local and global impact on ending hunger. Mr. Geissler also hopes that the trip will help draw attention to the ongoing problem of global malnutrition and hunger. Please see the links below to see how you too can be more involved and join the Race 2 End Hunger now.