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There is a lot of video coverage of the race and it will take a little time to get it edited and uploaded but some unedited footage is being uploaded to the YouTube channel at 


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This is a race after all, and bragging rights for first to finish are rightfully something to be proud of especially on a day of terrible challenges.

Team Buoy 44 (custom Tornado) with Brian Lambert and Will Rottgering managed all the challenges and still had a fast run to the finish, very closely followed by Team Key Sailing (Nacra 20 Carbon) and an amazing performance by the young Royal White team on a standard Nacra 20.

Team Buoy 44 Brian Lambert and Will Rottgering

With An Assist From Team Cyberspeed!

Massive thunderstorms hammered the fleet mid-leg, some continued through and some beached and then continued when conditions improved. Two teams, Tavernier Creek Marina and the Ducth team, Dutch Rockerz, suffered broken masts during capsizes.

Tavernier Creek was able to get the boat righted, collect the pieces of their carbon mast and jury rig a smal sail with their spin pole and part of the main. Using this rig they were able to sail six miles to the finish area where very strong Gulf Stream currents and bad wind direction prevented them from beaching. Then the heroics continued with Team Cyberspeed, who had recently finished, re-launching their giant Supercat 20 and performing a rescue tow to get Tavernier Creek to shore.

More Pictures at http://www.thebeachcats.com/pictures?g2_itemId=121519

Lots of other teams had stories yet to be told, be sure and share them!

Team Tavernier Creek Marina sailing under jury rigged sail.

Team Cyberspeed towing team Tavernier Creek Marina in an awesome display of seamanship. 

Back on land showing off rigged rig.

We have some times and results for you!  Results PDF HERE After two days of racing the Florida 300. Yesterdays leg from Key Biscayne to Palm Beach Shores was memorable for the variety of obstacles overcome by the teams. 

results day 2 700