Due to some exciting pending announcements concerning new sponsors and additional race features, sales early registration has been extended to March 20, 2016.

Watch this site for announcements coming soon.

Florida 300find Geneva, case sans-serif; font-size: 12.16px; line-height: normal;">NOTICE: 2016 Florida 300 Early Registration extended to March 20th.

There are a lot of exciting new features and sponsors for the race being finalized now, so the Florida 300 organizers have decided to push back the deadline.

This is to allow for some announcements that should be coming soon that could convince those on the fence to jump into the race.

Watch this space for further news. 


SSPUSA announces plans for the Florida 300 for 2016.  We are happy to announce the we will extend the race to Daytona Beach this year which means a race around Cape Canaveral to finish at the chosen Fleet 80 site of Perry’s Resort.  Fleet 80 is participating and helping to set up a resounding end to this year’s race.  The race will begin at the Islander resort as in the past two years.  Stops will continue to be Key Biscayne, sales Palm Beach Shoes, capsule Vero Beach and Cocoa Beach.  More information will be forthcoming soon.  See the Florida 300 web site.  Racing will begin on Tuesday May 17th in Islamorada and end in Daytona Beach on Saturday May 21st.  There is expected to be a large social event connected to awards on Sunday May 22nd in time for return drives home.  Early registration with a $150 deposit continues to March 1st, when fees will go up to $450 for those not pre-registered.  All fees required by May 1st.


Steeplechase Overall - 12/13/2015

Start: Overall, store Finishes: Elapsed time

1 Team Adrenaline Riccardi, Todd Burd, Tripp Formule 18 62.4 9:11:30 14:43:49
2 Roberts Catamaran Roberts, Eric Weir, Dave ARC 22 57 8:31:56 14:58:08
3 SolarWind Muma, Laura Ingram, Dave Formule 18 62.4 9:29:39 15:12:54
4 Turtle Mojo Macdonald, Dick Langfeld, Karl Formule 18 62.4 9:30:24 15:14:06
5 Royal Yellow Lohmeyer, Steve Sonnenklar, Jay Nacra 20 59.3 9:16:15 15:38:02
6 Royal Orange Johnson, Curt Smith, Gavin Nacra 6.0 SQ 60.5 10:34:25 17:28:37
7 Costal Watersports AMI Cole, Ralph Cole, Patick G-Cat 6.1 w/spin 62.4 11:14:52 18:01:31
8 Henderson/Peil Henderson, Jocelyn Peil, John Nacra 20 59.3 10:41:45 18:02:13
9 Keilman/Chen Keilman, Jacob Chen, Grace Formule 18 62.4 12:06:10 19:23:44
10 Wildcat Cramer, Weston Herendeen, Mark Formule 18 62.4 12:44:34 20:25:16
11 Cat In The Hat Ferber, Larry Nedurian/Steiger Nacra 20 59.3 15:00:00 1:1:17:42
12 Marspeed Moss, Bret Casey, John Marstrom 20 carbon spi 58 DNF  
12 Waveyhaven Tomeo, Charles Tebo, Dalton Formule 18 62.4 DNF  
12 Team Phillips Phillips, Michael Pierce, Kenny Marstrom 20 carbon spi 58 DNF